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Friends of Z.C.Bolger

Whenever Z.C.Bolger receives help or exceptional service from an individual/group he likes to give back however he can. Below are a list of groups Z.C.Bolger has no association with besides receiving exceptional service or products from, each with a short, personal review and a link directly to their website.


A NOVEL IDEA: This is an application for iPhones and iPads and is the most useful for me as a writer. It organizes my thoughts for each book and helps me build better characters, scenes and ideas while keeping everything neat and orderly. I would HIGHLY recommend any writer to purchase this app and I’d even go as far to say “buy an iPad just so you can use this app – it’s worth it.”

THE GOLDEN STORM: I don’t normally promote books from other authors on my website but this is such a great one that I must. First off, this is not a children’s book. I read this book a few months back and I was hooked to the point of not being able to put it down. Robbie Robinson does such a great job at this story that you  live it. I would highly suggest this book to readers 16 and up.

 WEBSITES IN A FLASH: Websites in a Flash is a fantastic group which gets really great products. It is run by a man named Ashton Sanders who is a guru when it comes to the designing, coding, constructing… basically anything “website”. I would highly suggest using this service for your website needs. 

  ALYSSA TALLENT ILLUSTRATIONS:Alyssa Tallent is one of the best illustrators I have had the pleasure to work with. She stays in communication and is happy to deliver a product of the highest quality. She has competitive rates and is all around a great person. I would definitely suggest her for your illustration needs (just don’t take her off of any of my jobs as I plan to use her a lot) ;) .

UNTETHERED PHOTOGRAPHY: Untethered Photography is run by a man named John Guerin. A fantastic photographer who was the first to do my author head shots. I continue to get great feed back from those pictures to this day and I would suggest scheduling him for a shoot ASAP if you want quality work.